May 8, 2002

Money upfront

I’m trying to get my wife Viola to start writing again. Actually, I’d like to get her to start a blog, but there’s not much shot of that. She wouldn’t have a clue what a “blog” even is, and probably wouldn’t understand it if I told her. But she really is a good writer, she just doesn’t realize it. Or doesn’t want to admit it, whichever.

Actually, she’s said she doesn’t want to put the time into writing unless there’s some money in it. I haven’t quite turned her on to the idea of writing first, putting it out there, building a reputation, and then making scabs of money. It’s a concept she doesn’t quite get. She wants to be paid up front. Can’t say I blame her, though. As I start thinking about starting up some kind of computer/web design business, I realize I’m putting off thinking about the hard part, the part where I go out and network, market, get clients, and get new work. I’m just thinking ahead to the part where I sit down and start working, doing the fun stuff.

And of course the payday. Always thinking about the payday. I guess I’m just like my wife after all.

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