May 16, 2002

Creative Commons

Thanks to Doc for pointing out that the Creative Commons is now open. I’ve been hearing about this project for a while now, but every time I’d try to go to the website it would just say “Coming Soon”. Now it has come. And none too soon. In this age where the Big Companies are trying to grab ever more control over their copyrights and limit the usage of what they produce practically down to nothing, it’s good to see that some people are still on our side. It’s important to keep the public domain and free use of documents flowing. It’s that environment of sharing that the Web was created for, and that’s slowly being taken away from us through measures lke the CBDTPA. It may be hard for the Bigs to comprehend, but there are some people out there that actually want to share the works they’ve created, and Creative Commons look like it’s just the initiative to promote doing that.

It’s nice to see some lawyers on our side too. I’ve suspected for a while that Lawrence Lessig was a genius that really understood technology, and looking through these ideas confirms that. (Yes, I know Lessig isn’t the only person behind Creative Commons, but I think you have to admit he’s the “celebrity champion” that will get it recognized.)

It remains to be seen if CC can really take off, in the way Open Source and the GPL did for software, but I think it’s a brilliant idea nonetheless. Now we just wait to see how many people think it’s brilliant, and actually use it.

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