June 17, 2002


Looking over all these standards-compliant redesigns of popular sites has reminded me of my dreams for this site. I have grand visions of my website as a playground, a place where I can try out fun web design experiments like what happens at Eric Costello’s Glish or Eric Meyer’s CSS/Edge. But my site has none of that. Right now my site doesn’t even have any personal info on me; it just has the bare minimum amount of content that’s needed to qualify as a website, and a blog that’s written in about twice a month. Reality’s a little depressing, isn’t it?

But I’ve been thinking about that, and I’ve realized that I like spending time with my wife and tottering around the house too much, and when I’m at home I just don’t have a lot of time to sit at the computer. Well, I bet my wife would argue with that statement; I’m on it way too much for her. But I’m not on it nearly enough to flesh out my website the way I want it. In time, I guess. In time I’ll get around to building all these fun sections, and make my site a real destination for people other than myself. But, until then…it’s not even a destination for me.

Oh well, as long as my priorities are in order.

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