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June 24, 2002

Better Projects

I’m never sure if I should be elated or depressed when 37signals comes out with the latest of its BetterProjects. On the one hand, I’m elated because I can see what some highly imaginative people have come up with, and I’m treated to a vision of a better world, where websites are feature-rich and easy to use. On the other hand I’m depressed, because I know I have to go back to reality soon and I won’t ever get to use these inventions.

37bettermotors is the latest example of this. It’s thoroughly engaging to play around with it, and imagine a “what-if” world where you could actually unlock your car door from your office computer, turn on your heater a few minutes before you go outside, check real-time gas mileage from your web browser, or wirelessly send songs from your computer to your car’s. But, I know this is a work of fiction. I’ll never actually see a system that works like this. And that’s what’s so depressing about 37signals. They tease you with these great glimpses of a made-up future, they let you know what could be possible with the Web, and then they let you loose back into reality knowing the vision will never come true.

It’s fun to dream, I guess.