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June 27, 2002

Semantic Soup

David Weinberger wonders if all the hype about the Semantic Web will play out in an article in Darwin Magazine. And he brings up a good point in an area that I’ve decided to let people who are a lot smarter than me work on: how can we make computers really understand what we’re working on and how important it is to us? When we’re reading a web page, all the computer sees is: Header, paragraph, paragraph, link, header, link, paragraph. It doesn’t have any idea what the document is or how to classify it. Can we change that? Can we actually get computers to recognize what kind of web pages we’re reading, and be able to intelligently sort and group them for us, or will we have to spend so much time initially telling the computer what kind of document we’re working on, that it will cancel out the benefits we get from the computer knowing?

These are the hard questions. Don’t look here for answers.