August 29, 2002

Early Life Crisis

David Weinberger ran an NPR commentary last week (audio link), in which he said “humor is becoming the format for intellectual discourse, just as dry sobriety and rigor used to be.” I think that’s one big thing This Site is missing: humor. (Well, it’s also missing wit, good writing, and insightful commentary – not to mention intellectual discourse – but we’re tackling one thing at a time here.) I’m not funny anymore like I used to be. I mean, I still don’t take life, myself, or anything seriously, and I’m able to see absurdity almost everywhere I look. But that doesn’t come across when I communicate. I’m not known as the office cut-up, and my writing here is as dry and bland as ever. I guess it’s because I’ve entered my early late twenties, also known as “The Boring Years”. Too old to go wild, too young for a mid-life crisis.

I gotta shake things up somehow.

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