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October 4, 2002

Mr Blue Skin

The good thing about having 300 million people in the country is that there’s always somebody you can laugh at. Like this guy.

Three Day Weekend

A three day weekend. It’s a rare delicacy that should be savored whenever possible; I’m soaking in one right now. My company is a huge proponent of the 40 hour work week, and I was there until midnight on Tuesday setting up our new phone system. They did the math (they are engineers, after all) and figured out that on Friday I’d be working overtime. So here I am at home learning just how vapid daytime television really is.

Actually, I think I’m working harder at home than I do at work. The weather has finally turned cold, and that’s my cue to start the yardwork. So I’ve been up to my elbows in weeds and sticker bushes all morning. I’m trying to make the house not quite so unattractive to the neighbors, and that includes a yearly tidying up of the public areas. I tell myself that our yard is a showcase for the practice of xeriscaping and the use of native plants in promoting a harmony between man and his environment. The truth is that the sagebrush has overrun the yard and it would take an entire fleet of dump trucks to haul them out of here. I don’t worry too much though, since the neighbor across the street has a similar interest in xeriscaping, and a couple of houses on the next street look positively abandoned. So we’re not alone.