October 9, 2002

No Netscape for You!

AOL 8.0 is quickly approaching. They’re starting to have pop-ups advertising it when you sign on. (Yes, I do keep an AOL account. 35 million is too big of an audience to ignore) As I wrote before, it’s looking more and more definite that the new AOL won’t have anything to do with Netscape. This time it’s an article from eWeek that’s saying “No Dice”.
Relevant quote:

Since the release of America Online 7.0, speculation has snowballed that America Online would replace Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser with Netscape, which is owned by AOL Time Warner. In the most recent test versions of AOL 8.0, the browser continues to be Internet Explorer, although AOL is currently running a test of AOL 7.0 with Netscape as the internal browser. This could serve as an indication that AOL is continuing to consider the option of changing browsers or allowing users to select their own in the future.

AOL 9.0 with Netscape 8, anybody?

Oh well. I’ll just keep using Mozilla.

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