October 10, 2002

Speak O’ Da Devil

Just yesterday I was gabbing about AOL 8.0, and the new article that was saying it was definitely using IE as its rendering engine. And then today, what do I wake up to? Today we’ve got this article saying that 8.0’s been released, for current subscribers only. I rushed out and downloaded it just to see for myself. (38MB? Cripes!) And, indeed, Netscape is nowhere to be seen. There’s not even an “Install Netscape 7.0!” icon on the desktop or anything. Timothy J. Luoma opined that there must have been some money exchanged behind closed doors, but I’m still sticking with my earlier analysis, that it’s because so many developers code exclusively for IE now. If AOL 8.0 were bundled with Netscape, and suddenly sites all over the Web started breaking in that browser, who would get the blame? Not the sites, not the developers, not even Netscape. A chorus of “Piece of crap AOL!” would rise up across the country, and everyone would either go back to 7.0 or, as I’m sure is the worst fear of the AOL execs, switch to MSN. AOL has to keep using IE because they just can’t afford to have sites break in their latest and greatest product. It might happen someday, with enough developer and user education, and if Netscape 7 is a big enough hit, but it would have been foolish for them to do it now. A wet dream for all of us Mozilla freaks, maybe, but still foolish.

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