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October 11, 2002

Buzz Buzz Buzz

I guess this is the big news today, and I guess I’d look like a complete hack if I didn’t mention it. Wired News has ditched their tabled layout and moved into the 22nd century with a full-on XHTML+CSS web site. The full story broke this morning. This is a Big Thing because it proves that something like this can be done on a large scale, and it might be a catalyst for other large sites to start thinking about making the switch. They still have a few validation ghosts chasing them, like using & instead of & and a few unquoted attributes, but they seem to have a team working on it as we speak.

In this interview (by Eric A. Meyer), Douglas Bowman of Wired describes the process he went through to get to the end result. He goes into detail about several of the decisions he had to make, such as floats vs positioning and Strict vs Transitional. He even talks about coming to grips with the realization that up to 14% of his audience might be getting a completely unstyled page (and even an upgrade message!). It’s something that anyone who is considering tableless design should look over, to see what kind of problems can occur and how they can be met.