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October 18, 2002

I must be getting better

Looking back through my archives, I see that recently I’ve been writing a little something every day – every weekday at least. That’s a big leap from when I started this thing, and I’d leave it neglected for weeks at a time. Weekends are still pretty dark; I guess that’s because I’m more brain-dead than usual on weekends (and that’s saying a lot, given my normal level of stupor), or maybe it’s because my wife takes the opportunity of having me at home to plan all kinds of reasons to go out.

Like this weekend. Tomorrow we’re heading up to Reno, to the Fabulous Fun Quest at the Reno Hilton to go to a four-year old’s birthday party. I’ve never been to a real-life birthday party. I’ve only seen them on TV, so my expectations are a little skewed. I don’t think we’ll see a drunken clown, or little Timmy giving everyone hotfoots, or the inevitable cake-on-the-floor gag. Real life is never that interesting (or tragic, depending on if it’s your party). Probably just some kids running around, some presents, a little cake, nothing noteworthy or inspiring enough to write about here. I’m not someone who can write about ordinary life. James Lileks can, and Cory Farley, but they’re newspaper columnists, and that’s a different animal. I’m just a guy with a boring life, who can’t see any reason that someone else would want to read about it.

And yet I keep writing. Go figure.

Tomorrow Today

Tom Tomorrow is back today, in good form. Today he talks about people growing out of liberalism and then blaming the liberals for it, says that the anti-war movement really isn’t full of crazies, and says blogging is just like “eating dinner or going to the movies or something” — nothing special, just part of a normal life. Good stuff, all. Go read it.