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October 25, 2002

They That Go Down To The Sea In Ships

I found this site today. It reminds me somewhat of finding the Navy photo of my grandfather a couple of months ago. It’s not just a collection of photographs, it’s forgotten memories and lost moments of time.

Holiday End

This is always the worst time of any day off work: the time I’d normally get home, when a holiday turns into just any other day. Ah, well.

Home Means Nevada

Everybody sing!

Home means Nevada
Home means the hills
Home means the sage and the pine

Today we celebrate that fateful day in 1864 when Honest Abe realized he needed more votes, and granted statehood to our little clump of sagebrush – just in time for the election!

Actually, Nevada Day has always been on October 31st, causing a young Scottie to have the unique experience of Trick or Treating on October 30th. That way all those kids wouldn’t interfere with the parade and carnival on the 31st. But a couple of years ago, the Legislature realized that everybody loves a three-day weekend. So they signed the “Everybody Loves A Three-Day Weekend” bill, which moved the holiday to the last Friday in October. So that’s why I’m sitting here at home while all you suckas are out working, and why so many kids are growing up confused about when Halloween really is.