October 29, 2002


I’ve just come across some interesting stuff in CSS2. I found these properties a little while ago when I was deconstructing Blogger to start working on my own publishing system, but I didn’t know until today that they were actually valid and part of the spec.

Use system fonts in CSS
Use system colors in CSS

You can use these CSS properties to have your web page inherit colors and fonts from the operating system. This paragraph, for example, should be the same color as the buttons on your OS – in Windows, that’s your taskbar. Not sure how it works on Mac.

This opens up a few new ideas about designing pages that fit in with a user’s color scheme, and there’s a whole list of available colors to choose from. I’m going to have to see if I have the time to throw together a few tests to see how well browsers support it, and how well it degrades in those that don’t.

One day I’m going to have to read that CSS2 spec cover-to-cover. It’s a little daunting at 330+ pages, though.

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