October 30, 2002

I Was Writing Paper…

I try to keep up with Web fads, those flash-in-the-pan sites that capture our youthful imaginaion for a few weeks or a month, then skitter away as quickly as they came. If there was a Daypop Bottom 40, they’d all be there, rotting in the Graveyard of Forgotten Memes. Previously we’ve had All Your Base and the Tourist Guy, and now we have Ellen Feiss.

Ellen Feiss, for those of you with better things to pay attention to, is the subject of one of Apple’s “Switch” ads. Her ad is basically the same as the other dozen or so, but it stands out from the rest since many people who watch it seem to think she was stoned during filming. Now she’s got fan sites, and has developed a pretty big following. And it seems like every time I try to forget about her, I end up running into her name somewhere else.

Today it was Adam Curry pointing to a Wired article about MacFreak and their Ellen Feiss lookalike contest. “Of course, no one was capable of catching that adorable look of the real Ellen,” the site admits. “She’s our adolescent Mona Lisa.” The article ends with this quote from someone called “Rev. Samuel”, who says:

Apple is very cognizant of what Ellen represents: the stoner computer market…Obviously they are courting my people: the stoners, the pot enthusiasts, munchie mavens, which is fine with me. When more advertisers do, we will be seen as respectable.

Indeed. Maybe they should move to Nevada, where we’ve got decriminalization on the ballot next week.

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