December 30, 2002

Big I, little i, what begins with I?

This here article out of New York says that it’s high time for the Internet to drop its capital letter and take its place among the rest of the ordinary, everyday nouns out there.

But, he said, dropping the big I would sent a deeper message to the world: The revolution is over, and the Net won. It’s part of everyone’s life, and as common as air and water (neither of which starts with a capital).

Not only was the article itself actually written, but there has been a fair amount of debate on the topic already. Which only proves that people are feeling particularly bored this holiday season. One person said that internet is a generic term for any number of interconnected LANs, so the big one (The Internet) should be capitalized to signify that it’s the grandpappy of them all. Other people said that common sense would clear up any misunderstandings, as well as the article (the internet compared to just a internet). Someone else said Internet is a proper noun, and should stay capitalized for all time. I say that it’s too early on a Monday to be bikering over such petty stuff.

Anyway, I’m going to keep up the same inconsistency I’ve always had on this site. Internet, internet, whatever. I’ll keep on capitalizing it on a whim like i always have.

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