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January 3, 2003

More AOL Blogs

More on yesterday’s Blogs@AOL story. Anil Dash says it’s a non-story and probably not happening, not soon, anyway. AOL 9.0, maybe? 10.0? “You’ve got Blogs”? Who knows. Ev (who should know) says AOL’s been toying with the idea, and might come out with some sort of bastardized weblog/journal tool this year. He also points to a few other articles on the general topic, including one saying that AOL’s relevance is fading fast, and it’s become the dead weight part of the AOLTimeCNNWarner behemoth. It says both companies might be better off if they would just un-merge and forget the whole fiasco ever happened.

If AOL does go for some kind of blogging service for its members, it’s sure to create a whole different galaxy than we’re used to. It will probably be pretty easy for people to catch on to the concept of blogging — Blogger refers to it as “instant messages to the web”, and I’m sure AOL could extend that metaphor. Or they could sell it as an online journal or diary. That seems to have worked for LiveJournal — they claim to have over 800,000 users, and don’t even use the word weblog on their site. And if you look at how isolated LiveJournal is from the Blogger/Moveable Type/UserLand crowd, with very few links between the two communities, it’s easy to imagine the AOL bloggers being even more separate.

It’s a big Internet, and there’s room for everybody. The only hard part, of course, will be finding the good stuff in a sea of noise. Think we’re up to it?

Future of Online Advertising

Mark Glaser on the future of online advertising:

Pitch Man: What do you think of Budweiser beer?
Visitor: It tastes like artesian waste water.
Pitch Man: But doesn’t it taste good while you are watching a televised sporting event?
Visitor: Not really.
Pitch Man: But if you were literally dying of thirst in the desert, would you drink a Bud?
Visitor: I guess.
Pitch Man: You are granted access to!