January 14, 2003

The age of the crashable watch

The age of the crashable watch. I bet Dick Tracy never got a Blue Screen of Death.

Seriously, though, who needs one of these things? In the 80’s I was in 8th grade, and I had one of those big ass calculator watches. I was the biggest nerd on campus because of it. I had to switch to a smaller discreet watch that you could play tennis on. And even that got me in trouble when people would see me staring at my watch for twenty minutes. But now, fifteen years later, they actually want people to wear nerdy watches like this? I guess these days being a nerd is cool. I must have been born a few years early.

I don’t even wear a watch anymore. I just make sure there’s a clock everywhere I go.

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  1. TRUEBOY says:

    The whole electroclash scene is at least partly to blame for the rise of nerdcore fashion: calculator watches, striped leg warmers, assymmetrical haircuts and ironical t-shirts. The music is 80s redux without the expensive production values. It's all very precious. Check out http://www.electroclash.com for a listing of the usual suspects.

    Posted January 14, 2003 @ 2:53 pm
  2. vladimir slovak says:

    Someone from the past definitely came here and reintroduce the era.

    Posted January 15, 2003 @ 2:40 am

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