January 20, 2003

Equilibrium is Maintained

The Head Lemur is doing the exact opposite of Peter. He’s moving away from periodic essays and starting a weblog (now dead) instead. This is a very good thing, since I’ve long known the Head Lemur from mailing lists and he’s always a feisty old crank. He just might take Peter’s place on my blogroll.

Also: He’s using Radio Userland for his weblog, and he seems to be having a great deal of fun trying to coax clean, valid HTML markup out of it. This fact seems to mesh very well with Dave Winer’s stated position on Tag Soup, which basically equates to, “browsers will render it even if it’s wrong, so why bother learning the right way to do things?”

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  1. Neverhood says:

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    Posted January 21, 2003 @ 5:28 am

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