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March 4, 2003

Getting Ahead of Itself

Those sneaky little SOBs. Mozilla 1.3 hasn’t even hit its final version yet, but already the nightly builds are reporting themselves as Mozilla 1.4a. Say huh? What did I miss?

The Mozilla tree has so many branches, navigating the LA freeway system with no sign or maps would be a simpler affair.

Rage The Cow

Okay, the point of the new Raging Cow marketing campaign is to use weblogs to spread the word of a new product, right? And all this week the blogosphere has been up in arms, writing about how that would never work, because weblogs are filters that can catch marketing crap like that, right? And most of the posts include a link to, just so you can see for yourself how transparent this attempt to control us is, right? And right now, because everybody is talking about how the campaign will never work, Raging Cow is #5 on Daypop, right?


(And I’m just making it worse by even mentioning it, right?)