March 13, 2003

The Joys of the Intranet

This week I’ve been able to get back into a bit of Intranet development, and I’ve known the liberating feeling of totally violating the spirit of Web standards. Creating precisely fixed table layouts, using MS Office-specific fonts, setting font sizes in pixels — it’s all so wrong, but it feels so good. Designing solely for IE5+ (and then finding out that it works perfectly in Mozilla too) is such a sense of freedom over the normal routine of hacks and workarounds. Breaking the rules once you know them is so much fun.

Diving into a new project doesn’t leave a lot of time for blogging, though.

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  1. Steve Raeburn says:

    While I can fully appreciate the joy of being able to relax and 'break all the rules', what happens when your Intranet clients change their browsers? What about when they employ a blind person who needs access to the Intranet?

    Now that web standards are so well supported it seems almost perverse to NOT use them all the time.

    Still…whatever turns you on 🙂

    Posted March 26, 2003 @ 1:40 pm

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