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March 14, 2003

March Update

Today I posted another update to the Ormsby House Photo Gallery. Things have really started snapping, crackling and popping this month, so now the first three pages of the March gallery are up.

AOL Pop-Up Blocker

AOL Providing Software to Customers to Block Pop-Ups:

The new AOL software will be automatically installed on computers using the latest version, 8.0. A button on the bottom of every window in AOL’s Web browser will let users turn the pop-up blocking feature on or off. Every time a site tries to open a pop-up or pop-under window, the software will produce a sound. If the user is curious, a click will make the ad appear.

AOL’s new, reformed persona sounds great on paper, but you still end up with pop-up ads. Last year they announced they were doing away with ads in the AOL service; they did get rid of ads from other companies, but now every time you start AOL you get pop-ups advertising AOL services. Nothing’s different, really. And I can imagine this new “feature” working much in the same way, and not blocking pop-ups within the AOL-Time Warner network of sites. I mean, if they’re so gung-ho about stopping pop-ups, then why did they remove the pop-up blocking option from Netscape 7? This just sounds like another publicity stunt to try to win public favor.