March 18, 2003

New Default

I did it. I made the leap. Today I clicked the little button that says “Make Mozilla your default browser”. I’ve been using it for the majority of my surfing for quite a while anyway. And I’ve been increasingly annoyed when e-mail links and desktop shortcuts open in IE — I’ve even gone as far as copying and pasting the URL from IE to Mozilla as soon as the window opened. So, I figured that was it. I’ve been converted, it’s time to go all the way.

I also missed Mozilla 1.3 slipping into its final version last week, so I’m downloading that now. I’d like to load up the 1.4 that’s hiding out there now, but I have an irrational distrust of nightly builds. So I’m a little torn about which one I should run.

I’m also intrigued by the idea of testing AOL Communicator. Whoever wrote the headline to this article should have actually read the article first, though — it’s not a new browser, it’s a new e-mail client. And yes, even though my former self is trying to open a portal through time so he can come here and slap me, I do have an AOL account. And I’m pretty sure my wife will like the idea of having one program that can read both her AOL mail and her POP mail. And isn’t it all about keeping her happy?

Oh wait — I guess I missed the memo. AOL is doomed anyway.

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