March 21, 2003

Get on the Soapbox

Via Zeldman I’ve heard about Soapbox, yet another blogging tool. Interesting stuff, in that it can be used like Radio (run on your desktop) or MovableType (run on a web server), and has an impressive list of features. Not that I’m planning on running Soapbox myself, but I like checking out feature sets and screenshots from as many blogging tools as I can. I’m always on the lookout for ideas and techniques that I can stealadapt when I go to build my own system, the Blog-O-Matic! 3000™, at some point in the future.

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  1. Margs says:

    Looking forward to your blogging system – will you be making it available for general consumption?

    Posted March 22, 2003 @ 4:29 am
  2. Scott Schrantz says:

    I will, but I'm not sure how useful it will be for other people. I'm just going to build it for myself, and if anyone wants to grab it they can.

    Posted March 25, 2003 @ 2:09 pm
  3. some random person who read your blog says:

    there is a student at cal poly san luis obispo who is developing a desktop blogging application called BubbaBlogger for his master's project. his name is nell “bubba” murarka.

    Posted March 30, 2003 @ 6:07 am

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