April 3, 2003

Mozilla Changes

Big stuff going on over at the Mozilla project. I don’t understand half of it, because when I start seeing things like XUL and XPFE I tend to skip papragraphs. Basically, it looks like they’re leaving behind the bloated Mozilla code they’ve written and instead pushing the Browser Formerly Known as Phoenix as their main “product”. I guess that means most of the changes will be on the user interface/chrome side of things, since both browsers, at their heart, run on Gecko? Does this mean Mozilla will no longer be called “Mozilla”? What does this mean for Netscape? I don’t know. Read the roadmap and this summary and see if you can make any more sense out of it all. I won’t have any clue until I run this new wonder browser (which the roadmap calls Mozilla 1.5 at one point…I’m so confused).

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