April 3, 2003

Red Hat 9 is on

Red Hat 9 is on the way. Gads, didn’t I just download RH8? How am I ever going to learn Linux if things keep changing on me?

I was most thrilled to read the part about RedHat adding in ACLs (access control lists). The Unix permission system has always seemed like such a Stone Age contraption to me, having spent so much time with Windows and NTFS. My brain is just programmed to think of permissions as something you can add arbitrarily. It’s great to hear that Linux is going to be getting it. But then I read the next sentence, and found out that it won’t be in this release. Not a huge deal, I guess, because at the rate they’re going, RedHat 10 will be out by the summer.

There’s also the little bit about Gnome being “more pleasant to use”. I thought RH8 was a huge improvement over RH7, so maybe this will be another leap like that. It’s still going to have to be one hell of a GUI to pull me away from Windows XP, though. I’d been waiting for XP to come out for years, and now that I have it, ain’t nobody going to pry it away from me.

Still, that’s not going to stop me from being right there on Monday to download RedHat 9.

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