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April 8, 2003


I finally found out what is was that the doctor cut off my finger. It was a Pyogenic Granuloma. Not cancerous, but definitely nasty. Any time a medical description includes the words “raw hamburger meat”, you know you’ve entered the land of the gross.

RedHat Download

RedHat 9 has come. Now begins the long process of downloading. Even over our T1 line at work, that thing can take days to get here. My FTP program right now estimates 915 minutes for Disc 1. It’s going to be a long haul.

Thankfully, I got my trusty Linux for Dummies book by my side. I swear, I’m going to learn this thing one of these days. This will be something like the fifth or sixth time I’ve sat down to learn Linux. Every other time my interest just kind of faded away. I’m going to learn it, I’m going to set up Apache, I’m going to move our company’s Intranet over to PHP…all things I’ve said before. Maybe this will be the time. Maybe this time I can forget everything I know about Windows long enough to wrap my head around Unix.