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April 10, 2003

Go East

Starting today – Go East, Young Man. A travel journal of mine from ten years ago, when I was a sixteen year old kid who thought I could write. It turns out I couldn’t, but that didn’t stop me from filling over 100 pages worth of observations about the trip, Amtrak, NYC, and Disney World. Along with plenty of bad prose that I’m sure I thought was terribly deep and poetic. A sample:

It is now half past eight and utterly dark outside. Inside the train is light enough for all practical purposes, but the windows are black mirrors, showing only occasional hints of transparency when an outside light comes into view, a solitary reminder that there is a world outside the train after all.

Gack. I’ll be putting up one post every day for the next three weeks, reliving the trip in real time.

And keeping on the topic of web design, this little project uses a home-built publishing system, which probably is going to serve as the basis for my own Blogging system one day. I’ve stored all the posts in a database, and the main page simply takes the current date and queries the database to extract the right posts. The archives are static HTML files, also created by the publishing system, and they have date logic built in so no one can look at a post that hasn’t been published yet (for example, tomorrow’s archive page is there, but it won’t work until midnight).

Enjoy, and check back every day for new entries!