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April 11, 2003

Peter’s back

I notice that Peter Merholz is back online. And of course he gives the mandatory explanation about “why he stopped” and “why he came back” and all that, and even manages to squeeze in a few papragraphs of Quaker philosophy. All of which makes me wonder why there has to be such a huge fanfare everytime somebody “starts” or “stops” writing on their weblog. I mean, it’s not like these things are on any kind of set schedule or anything. What does it matter if you don’t write for a few days, or weeks, or months? I guess for some people all of this is terribly important, and if you’re going to do it, you have to do it all the time, and if you’re going to stop, it better be for good. I could never figure that out. I write when something pops into my head. If nothing’s in my head, I don’t write. If I have something better to do, I don’t write. If I want to prune a tree or get licked in the face by a dog, a couple of the examples Peter gave, I just switch off the monitor and do it. The Web won’t fall apart without me, and if I want to go away for a little bit I don’t have to hang a “Closed” sign on my door. I just go.

Not that any of this is directed at Peter, he just set off the rant. And I am glad to see him “back” And if I wasn’t sleeping I would have noticed that he’s been part of Beast Blog for a while.