April 18, 2003


The World Wide Web Consortium has undertaken a massive redesign of their site, replacing their stale old digs with spiffy new window dressings. This new design marks a bold departure from their long-held tradition of function over form, and…

Oh wait, that’s not real, that’s just the winning entry in the WThRemix contest. This unofficial contest was launched in response to the W3C’s December launch of their new redesign. Their new site is semantically valid, uses XHTML for structure and CSS for layout, and is generally a great step forward, but, frankly, it looks like something I would design. Great under the hood maybe, but very light on the visual punch. So Zeldman, Doug Bowman, Nick Finck, and a bunch of others got together to see what the creative side of the Web could do to jazz things up a bit. The winners were announced this week. I think the W3C would do well to snap up one of these designers and redo their site for real, just because they’ve taken so much flack for their new design.

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