Archives » April 23rd, 2003

April 23, 2003

Good Stuff

It looks like good stuff is happening over at Six Apart, the company that makes the Movable Type weblog tool. First of all, they got funding from Joi Ito’s firm, Neoteny. They’re also going to be launching Movable Type as a service, TypePad, so you can use Movable Type without worrying about installing it (which is probably one of the big things that has kept me away from it for so long). This will put them in direct competition with Blogger, which itself is lauching an upgraded version of its creaky old service soon. And, they also hired Anil Dash to spread the good word of Movable Type and wear a vice-president’s badge. I guess this proves that tech startups still can gain a foothold and grow these days, if they’re good enough. Congratulations all around!