April 28, 2003

Too Many Chickens, Not Enough Heads

Hot on the heels of all those name changes I talked about last week, Mozilla felt that they had to do something to keep all the names straight. That’s what they’ve done in this document. The old Mozilla, the one that’s caled Mozilla 1.4 right now, is officially called the “Mozilla Application Suite” and unofficially called “SeaMonkey”. That’s the one that’s going away. Firebird, which was called Phoenix until last week, needs to be called “Mozilla Firebird” right now, but soon it will again be renamed to “Mozilla Browser”. That’s the one they’re going forward with to become Mozilla 1.5. Along with Thunderbird—excuse me, “Mozilla Thunderbird”—excuse me, “Mozilla Mail”.

Confused yet?

It makes my head spin even more that Mozilla 1.5 will be completely different from Mozilla 1.4. Why don’t they just bite the bullet and call it “Mozilla 2.0” after they’ve made the Firebird change? Maybe they will. I don’t think anybody knows for sure.

Too many chickens, not enough heads.

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