May 1, 2003

Mozilla Firebird Switch

The Mozilla Firebird Switch campaign.

This seems a little premature to me; I mean, the switch to the Firebird name was only announced a little while ago, and even the URL still says “Phoenix”. Plus, the page they point you to is a page to download Phoenix 0.5, not Mozilla Firebird. The 0.6 release hasn’t even come out yet. And, all of this naming confusion is going away later this year when it turns into the Mozilla Browser project. So the timing seems a little off.

Having said that, though, this is a slick little marketing page, the kind I’m not used to seeing from within the bowels of the Mozilla project. Most interesting is that this page seems to treat Mozilla 1.4 (SeaMonkey, or Navigator, or App Suite, or whatever the hell they’re calling it) as a competitor. They’re not just trying to pull users away from IE and Opera, but Mozilla as well. “Switch from Mozilla to Mozilla!” Now how many people is that going to confuse? And it’s not only confusing, but unnecessary, since soon, when you download Mozilla, you’ll really be downloading Phoenix. Or Firebird. Or Mozilla Browser. Or whatever (Make the room stop spinning).

Still, this page offers a glimpse at something Mozilla’s site is sorely lacking in: material directed at users, not developers. Which is good. It also presents Mozilla as this many-headed beast which is more busy fighting with itself than with others. Which is bad.

Personally, I can’t wait until Mozilla PhoeBirdFireNixBrowser 1.0 or 2.0 or whatever comes out, and everything settles down again. It was bad enough waiting for Moz 1.0 to come out last year. Now I have to wait for this?

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