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May 9, 2003

Orlowski Noise

News flash: Andrew Orlowski of The Register hates weblogs. Okay, maybe not so much of a news flash. And he also hates Google, and how PageRank ends up giving high rank to weblogs. Again, not news. And you know what I hate? Opinionated, biased rants posing as journalism. I mean, I never used to care about this Orlowski guy one way or the other. Just another name in a sea of bylines. But in the last few months he has started spewing out so much hatred from his little pulpit, and then he passes it off as headlines and news articles. He takes second hand quotations and jumps to wild conclusions, he uses information that fits his particular spin and ignores the rest, and he quotes Slashdot postings as credible sources, for cripe’s sake. All that would be fine if his writings were labled as editorials or opinion pieces, but they’re not. He’s trying to pass it off as serious journalism, and he’s bringing down the reputation of The Register with him.

I don’t even want to link to his “article” here. I don’t want to give him the traffic. If you’re curious to read it, Dave Winer has a link to it here. The “article” is called “Google to fix blog noise problem”. Evan Williams had a post called “Register to fix Orlowski noise problem” but he deleted it at some point today. It was a nice little rant from one guy who should best know what Google is doing with blogs, basically saying that the whole article was bunk. I wonder what happened to make him take it down? (Maybe the article is right, and then I’ll have to delete this? <Shudder>)

Anyway — my point? My opinion of The Register used to be neutral. Now it’s dropped a few notches. Unsubstantiated opinion and snap judgements are what I specialize in here. I expect a news outlet to be a little better. I think I’m soured forever on Orlowski. I’m not the only one. Who knows if I can trust any of the other writers there? Or is everything they write like this?

And, with that personal attack, I close out this extra-cranky Friday edition of The Computer Vet Weblog.

Darwin Awards

I see that early qualifying rounds for the Darwin Awards are now being held.

Out Of Ideas

I haven’t been writing here quite as much as I used to. Maybe I’m out of ideas. Okay, who am I kidding? I never had any to begin with. This page is getting musty. It needs a redesign or something to liven things up. I need to find some background patterns or something. After all, background patterns are the new grey! I need to learn some color theory and get rid of that “No, I’m not grey! I’m blue! No really! Look close!” sidebar over there. Get a snappy logo. Or something. And then I need to write. I started this weblog over a year ago so I could become a better writer. It hasn’t helped much. I’m still here with no ideas, no creativity. I need to find my lighthouses and write about them. I also need to follow through with some of the ideas I do have. I’ve taken a bucketload of pictures of all the historic houses in Carson City. Now I just need to organize them all and build a site around them. There might only be a dozen people interested in it, but that’s a dozen people who can’t find info anywhere else. I get more Google referrals for my Ormsby House gallery than my weblog. That’s got to tell me something.

Your mid-twenties are supposed to be the best time of your life. For me, it’s just a slump that I’m trying to get through. “It’ll get better when you’re older,” I tell myself. Yeah, I’d like my future self from ten years from now to come back in time and smack me around a little bit, like I wish I could do to my past self.

So this site should get better, slowly. Of course, the site just reflects my life; kind of drab and ugly, hanging in there without changing much. Maybe changing one will change the other? I think the site will be the easiest by far to spruce up.