May 9, 2003

Out Of Ideas

I haven’t been writing here quite as much as I used to. Maybe I’m out of ideas. Okay, who am I kidding? I never had any to begin with. This page is getting musty. It needs a redesign or something to liven things up. I need to find some background patterns or something. After all, background patterns are the new grey! I need to learn some color theory and get rid of that “No, I’m not grey! I’m blue! No really! Look close!” sidebar over there. Get a snappy logo. Or something. And then I need to write. I started this weblog over a year ago so I could become a better writer. It hasn’t helped much. I’m still here with no ideas, no creativity. I need to find my lighthouses and write about them. I also need to follow through with some of the ideas I do have. I’ve taken a bucketload of pictures of all the historic houses in Carson City. Now I just need to organize them all and build a site around them. There might only be a dozen people interested in it, but that’s a dozen people who can’t find info anywhere else. I get more Google referrals for my Ormsby House gallery than my weblog. That’s got to tell me something.

Your mid-twenties are supposed to be the best time of your life. For me, it’s just a slump that I’m trying to get through. “It’ll get better when you’re older,” I tell myself. Yeah, I’d like my future self from ten years from now to come back in time and smack me around a little bit, like I wish I could do to my past self.

So this site should get better, slowly. Of course, the site just reflects my life; kind of drab and ugly, hanging in there without changing much. Maybe changing one will change the other? I think the site will be the easiest by far to spruce up.

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