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May 12, 2003

New Colors

I’m trying out a new color scheme. I’ve been tired of that white and bluish-grey for a while, but color is one of the hardest things for me to figure out. My mind just has this aversion to picking out colors that go well together. Even the guy who copied my layout verbatim took the time to change the colors. But I do know when I see something I like. So for this little redesign I saw a combination I liked, and figured my only hope was to just steal it outright. After all, colors aren’t copyrighted, are they? Plus, I still have trouble with accent and highlight colors. Especially the color for visited links. Whenever I’m designing a site, the visited link color is always the hardest part of the color scheme. I usually end up with some shade of grey, like I’ve done here. This time it’s particularly jarring. I’d like to change it, but who knows what would look better?

I’ll be playing around with a few different color schemes, and if I come up with some good ones I’ll set up a style switcher. Not that I think anybody will use it, it’ll be just for fun and just because I can do it. There’s no reason to have things like that on a site, but a few fun little geegaws never hurt anybody.

And just in case anybody’s curious, the site I took the colors from is this one. They’ve managed to come up with a different color scheme for each show they feature, and each one of them is a winner. So don’t be surprised if some of my future color combos look at little…familiar. I’m just saying.

Update: Visited links aren’t grey any more. Better?

Update Again: A rudimentary style switcher is in place, for those of you who care. You can choose between How Green Was My Weblog (which you’re soaking in now) and Famous Original Yucky (which everyone was soaking in until earlier today). Yes, I made up those names myself. No, you can’t slap me.

More to come. They’re in the sidebar.

Movable Computer Vet

I’ve finally done something with the free F2O hosting I got a few weeks back. I’ve installed and started playing with Movable Type, setting up a second weblog over there. I don’t know how long I’m going to lead a double life, but I might write in both places for a while. I’m already writing about some of my Movable Type experiences over there. And then…I’ll just play it by ear.

My short review of Movable Type so far is that it’s nice. It’s better than Blogger in a lot of ways, and it gives you more control over many aspects of your weblog. But that also makes it more complicated. Blogger can’t be beat for it’s simplicity. And Blogger actually has some text formatting tools, like bold and italic, where MT has absolutely nothing. So, each of them have quite a few checkmarks in both the pro and con columns. The jury will be out for a while on which one I’ll end up using here. Or, I might just take the best of the both of them and write my own system. I don’t know yet. If I could see the future, I sure wouldn’t be wasting my time here.