May 17, 2003


Hot off the presses today, another installment in the saga of the Ormsby House renovation. This photo gallery is a good example of what I was writing about earlier, about how I’m trying to take this site beyond the blog. If you look at the whole population of people online, and then take the percentage of those people that actually care about this little casino being renovated in Carson City, you’re looking at a really small number. But for those few people that do care, my site is the only place to get any info on the hotel. I’ve gotten e-mails from people who used to work there, people who stayed there on their honeymoon, even someone from the Bay Area who is doing structural engineering design work on the project, but never gets to come over here to see how the work is progressing. My pictures are the only updates he gets on the project. I’ve found a niche that nobody else has filled, and I’m making it my own. My site drifts in and out of the #1 spot on Google for the Ormsby House. As Andy Warhol was famously paraphrased, on the Web everyone is famous to fifteen people. If I can find my niche and settle into it, then I feel like I’m actually doing something with this site. I’m actually adding to the total quality of the Web somehow, more than I could with just a blog. I have a few other ideas of niches I could try to fill, if I’m ever able to pin the ideas down. I feel like I’m pursuing my lighthouses.

Anyway, enough of my self-absorbed blabbering. Today I’ve posted three pages of goodies to the Ormsby House gallery, probably the most exciting update yet. Bridges! Rebar! Scaffolding! Action! Adventure! But I have the feeling we ain’t seen nothing yet. They’ve got the foundations laid for some major big time mojo to go down this summer, stuff that’s going to blow this update out of the water.

Okay, I’m getting a little worked up about construction. I need to get a more interesting life. Go there. Enjoy it.

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