May 22, 2003

The Quiet Death of the Major Re-Launch

Jared Spool: The Quiet Death of the Major Re-Launch. The days of the big huge site redesign are behind us. More and more site managers are now making incremental adjustments to their sites, changing one section, or one page, at a time. Sometimes these changes are so gradual that the viewers don’t even notice them, and the site can completely change over the course of a few months without anyone really being consciously aware of it. On Monday I said, “This site is slowly trying to morph into a better version of itself.” I guess, when I think about it, that’s what every site on the Web is now doing, in some form. The major redesign will never fully go away, I don’t think (my company’s site just went through one last year), but more often it will be replaced by a series of gradual improvements.

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