May 28, 2003

Wednesday Doughnut Blues

Every Wednesday the company buys doughnuts for everyone. It’s a great way to keep up morale and have people looking forward to the middle of the week, not just Friday. And the doughnuts always used to come from this little doughnut shop in town, some of the best I’ve tasted. But then, a few months ago, something changed. They started bringing in the Krispy Kremes instead.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I think Krispy Kremes hot off the line are one of the perfect foods. I still remember when the new store opened in Reno and we waited twenty minutes on line to get some, and then they started bringing around free samples! We went there every weekend for several months after that. But these doughnuts we have at work are a different beast all together. These are cold Krispy Kremes, bought from the supermarket. There is a point in the lifecycle of a Krispy Kreme when the icing starts to coagulate, and the dough stiffens a little bit, and it changes from nature’s miracle into this chewy mass that is barely edible. These are the Krispy Kremes that we get on Wednesday morning. People have said to microwave them, but that doesn’t work. They just get hot and soggy.

Krispy Kremes need to be eaten fresh. Bring back the real doughnuts!

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