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May 29, 2003

Amazing Start

Okay, I’m letting my inner TV geek shine today. Tonight Series 4 of The Amazing Race starts. I wrote about it at length earlier, so I’ll spare you today. But this is one of the only shows that I actually get excited about, so I’ll just let it happen. And with a wave of truly crappy reality shows washing over us in the past couple of years, we need shows that stand out. The Amazing Race is one that does, that always stays a few levels above the rest, as this article points out.

Like so many of the other reality shows, “Race” shows people the way they behave and misbehave when pressured. But it trades in more than voyeurism and humiliation, also showing what the best of these teams can accomplish with daring, determination and guile.

Pairs aren’t knocked off by arbitrary decision or campfire vote in some trumped-up ritual. They get eliminated by arriving last at the pit stop at the end of each week’s show while they triumph by staying in the rally and actually outdoing their competitors.

Actual competition in a game show. Who would have figured? And if the rumors about its ratings are correct, the show needs all the support and attention it can get. So tune in, tell your friends, and let’s make sure that for once good TV triumphs over bad.

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