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June 2, 2003

IE Is Dead

I was apparently asleep all weekend and missed this announcement, where Microsoft basically let it slip that there would be no IE7, or any more updates to the 6.x line, for that matter. They only explain themselves by making vague references to Windows Longhorn (still at least a year or two away) and how web browsing will just be part of the OS, not something you open a separate app for. Plenty has already been said while I was snoozing, from Zeldman, Joel Spolsky, Steve Minutillo, Brad Choate, and Robert Scoble, who is in the inenviable quagmire of knowing things yet not being in a position to pass them along. And I’m sure there’s several thousand other opinons on the subject, if you go look for them. So I’m not going to clutter things up with my barely coherent mumblings on the topic. It just makes me wonder — if Longhorn is going to be so different, and discard so much of the past all at once, is anyone really going to want to switch to it?