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June 6, 2003

More Imaginary

My imaginary consulting business just got a little more imaginary. Today I went down to do some work for my one and only client, an eye doctor. It’s not a great gig; they only have three computers, and if you average what I get from them monthly, it’s not even enough to pay for the hosting on this site. But still, it was always a place I could point to and say, “Yes! I actually do have a client!”

Today I found out the doctor is closing his practice and laying everyone off. Isn’t that just ducky? A few good nurses and receptionists are out of a job, and I’m back to zero clients. My plans for world domination are quickly unravelling. But, the ladies that worked there said they’re going to be taking my business card with them to their new jobs, so maybe I’ll get a few new clients. Maybe one of them will be a neurosurgeon with thirty computers that I can bill $150 an hour. Then the plans would get back on track.