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June 9, 2003

Remote publishing in MT

One thing that’s kind of keeping me from fully jumping into Movable Type is the fact that it will only publish the files to the same server that it is installed on. My site right now is on a Windows server, running ASP. There’s no way Movable Type can be installed on this host. I do have an account, however, with Freedom2Operate, and I have a nice little MT installation humming along smoothly over there. But, how to link the two? Can I get that MT to publish to this site? Or can I set up MT on a box in my home or office, and upload the pages to a hosted site? When I set up a blog on MT, I am only given the option to have the files published to a local directory. The Blogger way of doing things, though, and the one I like, is that I can plug FTP information into my blogging tool and it will upload the published pages anywhere it wants. “Remote publishing”. Is there a way of getting MT to do this? I haven’t found it yet.

I did find this explanation of how to use Radio Userland as an intermediary, but I don’t want to go that route. I can’t be the only one who wants something like this, and I’d imagine that a system as powerful as Movable Type would support the necessary FTP components. And I know jack about Perl so I can’t just hack into it myself. Can MT do this? Is there an extension or something out there? Will TypePad do it? Will it be a TypePad-only feature? Or am I really weird for even thinking about keeping my site on Windows?

Scene from a car

Zooming down the road, we only caught the briefest glimpse of what was happening. We were driving by a convalescent home. An old woman with a walker was about 75 yards down the road, walking in the street because there was no sidewalk, making her way towards town. A nurse burst out of the front doors and started running down the street after her. Write your own caption.