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June 16, 2003

Car. Hate. Bleeding eyes.

Today we called the dealership and found out a little bit more about the car. It turns out the transmission just disintegrated on us. The techs were amazed that we were able to drive it into their shop. So, it looks like we’ll be enjoying our rental car for a while longer. We just have to make sure we return it before it hits 65,000 miles. You never know when the transmission will impode on you!

Summer weddings

Philip Greenspun: Summer weddings should be in waterslide parks

Keep The Joint Open

Bob Lewis in Keep the Joint Running:

It is barely possible that we’ve reached the point in our evolving understanding of information technology that the end of the line is in sight … I think the better explanation is the simpler one: that some pundits have reached the limits of their ability to envision new and better ways of conducting business, and have mistaken that for a real boundary in the real world.

Bob Lewis’ articles are usually really good at driving a clue stick into the heart of IT managers, yet at his site he puts those articles behind a registration firewall. His InfoWorld columns were never protected like that, nor is his new InfoWorld weblog. Sounds like somebody needs to use a clue stick on the man in the mirror. For now, you can read the article at his home page without registering, until the next article bumps it off.