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June 18, 2003

Golden Rule of the Web

A quick question for Dave Winer: If it’s so important to you that other people’s RSS feeds aren’t “funky”, then why do you write such funky HTML? If you want people to respect your specs, you need to respect others. It’s the Golden Rule of the Web. You can’t have it both ways.


Fire season decided to get off to a good start this year by knocking right at our back door. “Hello, I’m a massive wildfire. May I come in?” The hillside right outside town, along the road up to Lake Tahoe, burst into flames yesterday and a blanket of smoke descended on the city. Firefighters were ready for it, though, and they had it under control pretty quickly. This morning it was out.

We’ve been pretty lucky around here. The Tahoe Basin is full of dead and dying trees, caused partly by drought and partly from disease. When you look at the slopes you get the feeling that one little flame could quickly consume the entire basin. But every fire that’s started on the slopes has quickly been taken care of. They haven’t gotten out of control like the ones in Arizona and Colorado last year. At least, not yet. Every time I see a plume of smoke rising towards the sky, like I did yesterday, I just wait for Lake Tahoe to finally turn into a boiling cauldron.