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June 26, 2003

Dryer Blues

Just in case there’s not enough going on around the house, what with the bathroom and all, our dryer has been wailing like a banshee and chewing up clothes. It’s been doing this for—well, let’s just say a loooong time. This week I finally got the ultimatum: fix it or buy a new one. And since our monthly budget only allows enough each month for groceries or new dryers, but not both, I whipped out the tool belt to find out what’s going wrong. And I found four distinct parts that need replacing. The heating element, which makes sure the clothes get dry in less than four hours (which hasn’t happened in our house for a long time), the front glides, which make sure the drum stays centered and doesn’t chew up clothes, the bushing in the back which, you know, actually needs to be there if you don’t like that pleasant metal-on-metal sound, and the belt, which makes the whole thing go and looked like it was being held together by sheer force of will. So it’s off tomorrow to the friendly local parts store to rebuild a dryer.

Update: 69 bucks for the lot. Not bad!