June 27, 2003

Blogger Baby

Blogger has finally released its new version and converted everyone over to it. I had tried to switch while it was still in beta testing, but their handy web sign-up forms said, “You do not have any blogs that need converting.” But now it’s here.

The biggest change is the new slick-looking interface. It’s laid out just like the old version, only a little snazzier looking. The other big news is that it finally works in Mozilla! Yay! No more opening a special IE session just to write. And there’s a title field now, although the titles don’t seem to show up on the public page, just the editor. And the markup it creates is better. It uses <strong> and <em> instead of <b> and <i>. It converts line breaks to <br />, the XHTML version. But, it doesn’t use <p> tags at all, so your entire post is one big paragraph. Not the best maybe, but better. I don’t think I’ll stop using my custom editor, though. I write in that and then copy and paste across to Blogger. I like my paragraphs to actually be paragraphs, not two line breaks.

Other than that, I think most of the Blogger improvements have been on the backend. Archiving, for example, actually works again! No longer do I have to publish my archives separate from my main page, as I’d gotten used to doing. In all, it’s the same Blogger, and it’s still just as simple to use, and it’s still missing more advanced features that Moveable Type has, and I still like it.

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