July 15, 2003

Netscape dead?

Netscape dead? Mozilla cut loose from AOL? These seem to be the latest developments today, only two weeks after Mozilla 1.4 and Netscape 7.1 came out (and a few days after Moz1.5a started). The word is that Netscape is being dismantled and everyone has been fired. Daniel Glazman is one of those cut adrift. Expect to see more stories of woe soon.

Mozilla has apparently already reorganized itself as a non-profit corporation, complete with a brand-new, much improved website. It looks like they’ve been expecting this for a while. First impressions are that I love the new website, it’s something they’ve needed for a while. But to lose the support of AOL (even though AOL has pledged $2million in support) and all those paid employees will certainly be a blow to the movement. Where this will go still remains to be seen. Certainly more able prognosticators than myself will soon start chiming in.

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