July 24, 2003

Queer Eye

Be sure to catch Queer Eye For the Straight Guy on NBC tonight. It’s normally shown on Bravo on Tuesdays, but its debut last week drew such high ratings that NBC picked it up to try pairing it with Will & Grace on Thursdays. Normally I hate makeover shows. Double-H Hate. But I caught the premiere last week, and I was pulled in instantly. Five gay guys taking on a straight slob as a “project” — what’s not to like? Well, there’s a lot of ways they could have done it wrong and screwed up the whole show. People who hear the premise without seeing the show hate it. “They’re unfairly promoting stereotypes”, they say. Well, I answer, it’s television. It’s meant to be entertainment. Unless you’re the History Channel, you have to play it broad or else it’s not interesting to watch. Besides, almost everybody who actually watches the show loves it. I think that’s because they pulled it off so well. They cast guys who know how to be snarky without being catty, to be funny without being mean. Besides, it’s just the phase television is in right now. Once gays were taboo on television, and then they were shocking. In the future they’ll be normal. But right now, in 2003, gays are funny. The popularity of Will & Grace speaks to that more than I ever could. And this show just rides that train all the way to the bank. Watch it and see for yourself. When one of the guys, seeing the redecorated house for the first time, squeals “You put a living room where the crack den used to be!”, you’ll find yourself getting hooked too.

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