August 6, 2003

AOL Communicator

The new version of AOL Communicator came out this week. We’ve been using the preview version of AOL Communicator here on the home computer so Viola can check her AOL mail in the same place we check our POP mail. I also like the way it creates a separate folder for each POP account, which Outlook Express definitely does not do. Mozilla Mail might do that too, since AOL supposedly stole most of the code from that project. But I haven’t played with the Moz mail client because I figure it doesn’t have the AOL account access built in to it. Plus we’re still using Outlook Express, and I think two e-mail clients is plenty for one computer.

So anyway, the new, “final”, version offers quite a few improvements over the preview. For one, you can finally import mail messages from Outlook Express. It wouldn’t let you do that before. Another thing it lets you do is back up all your messages to a .zip file. I’ll have to play around with that one and see what kind of files it puts in that zip.

But the biggest addition, and this isn’t even e-mail related, is the Radio@AOL button they added to the bottom. Now that Internet radio stations are shutting down one after the other because of the CARP decision, AOL Radio was the one place I knew I could turn to for dozens of channels of online radio. But listening to it used to mean opening up the AOL client, signing in, putting up with the Welcome Screen nonsense, and clicking through to the Radio screen. Now, I just hit a little button at the bottom of the Communicator mail client, and a stand-alone Radio@AOL window pops up. So nice. Today I’m jumping between TV Tunes and 1-Hit Wonders. Playing right now? The Growing Pains theme.

Hey, I’m paying for AOL mostly so my mother-in-law can get online. I might as well find ways to benefit from it myself.

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