August 7, 2003

Groaners has a list of 100 “groaners”. What are groaners, you ask? Well, in their words,

A groaner is a hackneyed, overblown, stuffy or just plain silly cliché that turns up time after time in news scripts. Groaners show laziness on the part of writers, disrespect for the folks watching, and a general contempt for lively English.

Some of the groaners, particularly ones I’d like to see banished, are:

  • Area Residents
  • Campaign Trail
  • Clinging to Life
  • Lay the Groundwork
  • Major Breakthrough
  • Reduced to Rubble
  • Team Coverage
  • Threw His Hat Into The Ring
  • Wreak Havoc

Would we really know what to do if news anchors stopped using these clichés? It’s kind of the crutch they lean on when they know the news isn’t that great.

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